Gibsons is one of Australia’s premier law firms dedicated to providing high quality Litigation and Commercial Law services in a wide range of matters - including intellectual property, defamation and privacy, business litigation, breach of contract and counterfeit claims.

The firm are Accredited Specialists in Commercial Litigation in this state, recognised by the Law Institute of Victoria as leaders in the field.

Gibsons specialise in enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, Business Litigation, Defamation and Privacy Law, Anti-counterfiet claims and Internet-domain name law.

The Firm represents a vast array of organizations and individuals from many industries including but not limited to Media, Communications, Technology, IT, Entertainment including high profile clients such as Hollywood’s most famous actors, producers, recording artists, fashion designers and other individuals and entities in and affiliated with the above industries. The Firm also acts for many high profile politicians, government officials and Fortune 500 Directors.

Clients have included Festival Mushroom Records, Warner Music, SEN, The Shine Group, Pacific Star Network, Allen and Unwin, Cornerbox Productions, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta Jones, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Christina Aguilera, Harrison Ford, Katy Perry, Demi Moore, Keith Urban, Mena Suvari, Courtney Love and many more internationally acclaimed people. Corporate clients have included some of Australias largest corporations including Volvo, Spotlight Stores, Shine, L & H Group.

The diversity of our expertise enables us to offer comprehensive advice and services in relation to our clients’ commercial needs and, in the case of our “individual” clients, all of their personal legal requirements.

Stuart Gibson is the founder of “Gibsons” and is one of Australia's leading litigation attorneys in the fields of Media, Litigation and Intellectual Property Litigation (whether it be Patent, Trademark or Copyright Litigation). Mr Gibson represents many of the media and entertainment industry’s top performers including actors, celebrities, record companies and radio networks. Mr Gibson also represents many of Australia’s leading fashion designers. Mr Gibson’s practice is international in scope and extends beyond the field of media and entertainment having also represented leading Australian corporations, Fortune 500 Directors, politicians and personalities.

The Firm is noted for its expertise in safeguarding the rights and reputations of corporations, companies, celebrities and high profile business people. It has an excellent track record in defamation, passing off, invasion of privacy style claims and copyright matters.

The Firm also works in the anti-counterfeit field providing investigation services and brand enforcements via the courts.

Mr Gibson has been the subject of numerous personal profiles in Australian media and advises weekly on one of Australia’s leading radio networks on Media and Intellectual Property matters.

Mr Gibson also sits on the Advisory Board of the Centre of Media and Communication Law of the University of Melbourne, the Victorian Courts Practice Committee and is on the Litigation Executive of the Law Institute of Victoria and the Media and Communications Committee of the Law Council of Australia.

Mr Gibson is also an Accredited Litigation Specialist.


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